Welcome to ‘Trinity Pastors College Website’ website

Trinity Grace Church CongregationIn this website we want to introduce you to our College, for your information, for your prayers and then for you to consider whether such a College might be what you need. Please ask yourself the following questions..

  • Has God called you to preach the gospel?
  • Do you recognise your need of deep training in the Scriptures in order to preach faithfully?
  • Do you lament the sad spiritual level of many churches in Kenya because of poor and even false preaching?
  • If your answer is ‘Yes’ then the TPC is designed for you!

Let us tell you some of the things that we think are

important about the Trinity Pastors’ College (TPC)

  • You do much study at home, so that you do not have to leave your family or ministry while you study.
  • All of Scripture is studied, with an emphasis on doctrine, to equip you to expound Scripture faithfully,
    clearly and powerfully by God’s grace.
  • We teach historic Christianity, as summarized in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.
  • The studies are under the oversight of a local church, Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi.
  • Students from the three years all study together, so that first years can get help
    and encouragement from those ahead of them.
  • High standard of theology attempted, based on Westminster Theological Seminary.