These are some testimonies from what former students have said about their participation in the TPC.
(In addition to the testimonies already posted, I am seeking also from Peter Otieno, Samuel Waswa, Geoffrey isambo, John Mutangili, Dominic Ndungu, Elly Achok, Isaiah Juma, Murungi Igweta, George Omondi, Charles Abwok)

George Omondi

My name is George Omondi, I would not hesitate to say that TPC was God’s gift to me. After coming to faith I had a thirst to know more about God, not only to know about him, but also to have an intimate relationship with Him as I grew in faith. TPC created that opportunity and environment. I was a disturbed young man as I was growing-up in faith because the systems I joined were confusing me on their practices in relation to the Scripture. There are instances I could clearly see they went against what was clearly stated in the Scripture. Most of the teachings I was getting from several charismatic pulpits where I had been a member by default were not confining their doctrine to the Scriptures hence the question, ‘Am I in the right place?’ God through His kindness and mercy connected me with brethren who were loving enough to recommend me for Nairobi TPC training. As the training was answering questions I had been asking myself, it also raised several questions and opened my eyes on so many fundamental Christian doctrines which were either completely neglected or ignored altogether. God in his goodness used the able teachers; Keith Underhill, Martin Bussey, Sukesh Pabari and Naphtali Ogalo to expand our minds and train us in the depths of Biblical Doctrines which have been shoved aside by others. As I sat under the tutelage of these godly men, the aura of doubt and confusion on the Doctrine of Scriptures, the Efficacy of Christ’s Atonement, the power of the Holy Spirit and Spirit of Just men made perfect was cleared. It was like I literally saw the light. My view of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures and Christians changed completely, and that was not a mere work of man, but the work of the Holy Spirit in transforming me through the faithful teaching of His Word.

My Christian life, faith, understanding and ministry go back to my training in TPC. I am happy that I can now handle the word of truth carefully because of the training I got at TPC, my life has changed a great deal and I am very grateful to God for my teachers whom he used greatly to inform and train me. May this work of equipping God’s people continue as God uses it to expand his Kingdom and produce able men who will faithfully handle the Word of Truth and spread the good tidings abroad. Amen.

Elly Achok Olare

My name is Elly Achok Olare,I am pastor at Gospel Missions Agency and Principal at Wisdom Training Center. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my testimony of the wonderful blessing TPC was and continues to be in my life. Besides my salvation, the 3 years spent studying at TPC were perhaps the single most important blessing the Lord brought to my life. I came to TPC shortly after the Lord had radically changed my life,from the gross darkness of a false religion to the reformed faith-the Biblical faith. It had all happened so fast that my changed life at once came into violent conflict with the theology I had imbibed and believed for more than 17 years.
Coming to TPC was exactly what I needed.The disparate Truths which hitherto seemed confusing made sense. I found a helpful and logical system through which biblical information made practical sense to my faith in Christ. I particularly was blessed by the exalted place of scripture in TPC studies. My lecturer then Keith Underhill always insisted that we have our bibles open and be constantly looking at them. One of the sayings which was indelibly printed on my mind was when the teacher at the very start of our studies said “the bible is your textbook, all else like books, tapes, articles and opinions are only to help you in understanding the bible more”(paraphrased ).This is the sort of attitude you find at TPC and it underscores how hallowed scripture is at TPC. The diligence and patience of teaching staff, both resident and guest lecturers truly made my time hugely profitable. The fact that the lecturers aren’t so to speak ‘arm chair theologians’, but men who are in front line ministry makes a huge difference in training for ministry at TPC. No doubt the well stocked library and provision of learning resources make theological learning both easier and quite enjoyable. I am truly grateful to the Lord for my time at TPC.
I believe I am a better Shepherd of the church I pastor in Western Kenya because of my training at TPC. The Lord did help us to start our own training of pastors and church leaders at Wisdom Training Center-the knowledge we pass on is what we achieved at TPC. I am grateful that TPC remains part of our lives and ministries long after we pass out, they make effort to visit us and encourage us in our service to the Lord. I am thankful to God for bringing me through TPC, may He sustain this strategic nerve center for Gospel outreach in Kenya.

Pastor Elly Achok Olare
Western Kenya

Dominic Kabaria Ndung’u

My name is Dominic Kabaria Ndung’u. I am a member of Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi, where I also serve in the Children and Youth ministry. I am member of the 2012-2015 TPC class. This is a class that greatly impacted my spiritual life and ministry by blowing away all manner of wrong teaching and practice. One of them was a low view of scripture and the local church, but God in his mercy helped me.
The fuse that ignited this great change, is the first Unit of the TPC class, `The Doctrine of Scripture’. The Bible became the eyeglasses that colour how I view and interact with every aspect of my spiritual life and ministry. My prayer is that many more church leaders would be taught to anchor their lives and ministry on the firm foundation of the Scriptures.
The Lord also used various experienced and dedicated men who came to teach us from the scriptures. Many of these men have been in the ministry for over a decade, and they were thus able to give us seasoned and solid instruction in the Word. Moreover, I got some good resources and books which continue to teach and remind me of the lessons I acquired in class. May the Lord continue to provide for and sustain this ministry and may many more seasoned teachers rise to fill the ranks of the school faculty.